The EPRL is committed to a tripartite mission in which to advance the knowledge and practice of exercise physiology:

1. Research

To provide a platform for conducting and exploring the positive impact and protective role physical activity has in the evolution of a variety of pulmonary, cardiovascular, metabolic, musculoskeletal and other high risk-degenerative diseases and disorders. (i.e. collaborations with outside departments like Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Sciences; Integrated Substance Abuse Program at Semel Institute).

2. Education

To mentor and guide students toward professional independence by providing an opportunity to gain practical experience and appreciation of the role, duties, and responsibilities of working in a physiology-based laboratory. Moreover, to help them master their acquired knowledge by bridging-the-gap from classroom/laboratory theory to practical, day-to-day application. (i.e. teaching labs in medical and dental students curriculum; undergraduate laboratory internships for Integrative Biology and Physiology majors; summer internships for medical and dental students and local high school students)

3. Outreach

To disseminate research findings to the scientific and lay communities and provide a nexus to motivate and channel communication between researchers, health-fitness practitioners, and medical personnel. Moreover, to bridge-the-gap between laboratory research and real-world application of health-fitness practices. (i.e. recent launch of UC Fit).