Below are a list of the many available assessments that can be performed in the UF Fit lab and the adjoining clinical lab:

Anaerobic Power and Capacity
Wingate cycle test, vertical jump test, margaria staircase test, and power output instrumentation (transducers such as load cells, force platforms, strain gauges, and computer interface devices)

Anthropometric Measurements
Octopolar BIA Scale, DEXA, skinfold measurements, stature-weight indexes, girth measurements, and skeletal breadths

Biochemical Analysis
Blood collection (venipuncture and finger puncture), hematocrit (hematocrit centrifuge and International Micro-capillary Reader), serum cholesterol and triglyceride levels, glucose concentrations, plasma volume changes (hemoglobin concentrations), acid-base concentrations, blood lactate concentrations, creatine kinase, blood ammonia and urine urea nitrogen concentrations.

Measurements of Maximal Aerobic Capacity
Maximal treadmill and cycle ergometer protocols utilizing metabolic measurement systems (Oxycon Pro/Mobile and Vmax), running and walking tests (12 minute field performance test and one-mile walk test), submaximal step tests

Electrocardiograph Exercise Testing
3- and 12-lead hookup and interpretation, resting and exercise blood pressures and heart rates

Heart Rate Variability
Time and Frequency Domain measures

Evaluation of Joint Range of Motion
Indirect techniques and direct techniques (leighton flexometer, goniometer, and inclinometer)

Functional Screening
Include elements of stability, mobility, and symmetry of movement

Muscle Biopsy Techniques
Histochemical preparation (tissue sectioning, mounting, and staining) and fiber-type and cross-sectional area determinations (least fiber diameter)

Muscular Strength, Endurance, Power
Isotonic (1-RM & 10-RM), isometric (handgrip dynamometer and hip/back tensiometry) and various isokinetic assessments, electronic jump matt testing

Other Metabolic Measurements
Oxygen deficit and excess post-exercise oxygen consumption, energy expenditure-substrate utilization, resting metabolic rate, lactate and ventilatory threshold

Pulmonary Function
Steady-state, non-steady-state, and breath-by-breath pulmonary gas exchange measurements and static/dynamic lung volume measurements (e.g., MVV)

Temperature Regulation
Environmental chamber and skin-electrode measurements

Sleep Metrics
Actigraphy, long-term HRV metrics and standard sleep questionnaires